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Motif Carving Jepara

Posted by amiruljepara on September 28, 2011

characteristics of general and special

characteristics of general and special

The forms of leaf carving on this motif form a triangle and oblique. At each end there are usually leaves or fruits with flowers will form a circle. The form is not just a single circle, but the shape is more than one or terraced. The circle at the base of larger, more to the tip has narrowed. There is also going to flower or fruit in the form of a large circle surrounded by several smaller circles.
1. Of Leaves.
Principal leaf motif has its own style, which is dome-shaped and circular-niche. At the finish there are niches that gather leaves.
Principal form of dome-shaped leaf-carved this niche when sliced, incorporating a triangular prism.
2. Flower AND Fruit.
Flowers and fruit at this Jepara motif convex (rounded) as fruit wine or fruit Wuni arranged rows or clustered. This flower is often found on the corner of the meetings niche of the principal or there are leaves on the end niche surrounded by leaves, while the interest follows the shape of its leaves.
3. Fractions.
In the fractional leaf motif carvings have 3 pieces of lines that follow the direction of leaf shape, so it looks like a light.
4. Facts:
Carving Jepara motif is basically made most of the base or not so deep, often made on the basis of (invisibility), engraving is often called krawangan carving or engraving a glass insert. Jepara carving motif is often used to decorate your craft goods.


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